What does Open Source mean?

Open Source is software where the source code is made available.

Free Open Source Software (FOSS)

The source code is licensed free of charge, encouraging modifications and improvements. It can be copied and redistributed, modified or unmodified without restriction.

Is all Open Source Software Free ?

No, open source has source code available, you may be required to pay a license fee to use the software.

Why Open Source ?

  • Open source code can be analysed, audited, and rewritten by hundreds, or even thousands of developers.
  • Bugs can be quickly discovered and patched.
  • More trustworthy than proprietary software as less chance of malicious code.
  • If open source software doesn't do exactly what you need -- you can open the code and fix it yourself.

What Does GPL Mean?

General Public Licence is is the most widely used free software license. Click here to read the GPL.