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Receiving loads of spam purportedly from the ato, an example of which is below. The from address is forged with a legitimate looking email address

like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The urls point to malicious websites that attempt to get you to download malware.

Delete the message, if you have clicked the link and believe you system may be infected, contact us.


Fradulent Message

Subject: Australian Taxation Office - New rules

Australian Taxation Office informs you about the changes in the rules of submitting tax report.

Please, read about the changes to Click Here.

Important to know
We do not offer cashier services for tax payments or refunds. For further information on how to pay your taxes, see How to pay.

(dodgy url here)

We are kindly asking you to keep to rules and terms of tax report submission to avoid penalty.

Best regards,

Andrew Nichols
Australian Taxation Office

A client was getting approximately six junk faxes a week from Fax-Blast, not a great deal, but annoying nonetheless. Junk faxes are covered under the Spam Act 2003 and Do Not Call Register Act 2006, these companies must have your consent or be an exempt organisation in order to send to you.

To comply with the spam act, they must provide an unsubscribe facility.

I unsubscribed their fax number using  and added the fax line to the Do not Call Register for good measure.

The ADMA says you need to wait 30 days, will have to wait and see if there is any difference.


Update:  Significant reduction in Australian junk faxes,


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